Christina Applegate Updates Fans on Her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

For Christina Applegate, the sweetest thing to bring in 2022 is the cure for MS.

On Thursday, January 13, the Dead to me star — who revealed in 2021 that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis — conducted a Q&A on his Twitter account, discussing a variety of topics including his favorite TV movies today, his goals for the new years and his experience working with. Selma Blair | and Cameron Diaz in the 2002 film The Sweetest Thing.

His TV lineup now? “Start at the Restaurant. Before that always Under the deck, “Christina, 50, WRITES. “Kate and captain Lee and Ben are my buds.”

However, when asked about his 2022 goals, his answer is pretty serious. Christina answer, “Cure for MS maybe ????”

After a fan asked The Sweetest Thing, Christina — breast cancer survivor—comments that filming the movie was “so much fun,” but it was “sad that we both had Ms.,” a reference to her co-star and close friend Selma’s self-battle with multiple sclerosis, in which she Revelation in 2018.

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