Christina Ricci’s Husband Choses Their Child’s Name Without Telling Him

“I was just thinking [her full name] Cleo, “he said, before he mockingly added,” I knew, ‘well, we’ll find out later,’ but he knew it while I was getting better. ”

The Addams Family The actress also shared how her 7-year-old son is doing Freddie Heerdegen—Who he shared with the ex James Heerdegen—Reacting to being an older man.

“He was serious, he really liked being a big brother. He always kissed him,” she said. “He doesn’t like the lack of sleep and chaos that happens at home, but, you know, he’s very good.”

And maybe follow in mom’s footsteps. “She wanted to be an actress, but I told her she had to spend all this time developing her skills,” shares Christina, who started her career at age 7, “so whether she’s 18 or 23 or even what’s more, he’s already spent all his time trying to be so good. ”

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