CHVRCHES ‘Lauren Mayberry on John Carpenter, Robert Smith and More: Talk

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Lauren Mayberry reached out to Kyle Meredith to discuss Screen Violence, the new CHVRCHES album that found the synthpop band using horror movies as parallel to what has happened in their lives over the past few years.

The Scottish artist discusses the even darker reputation coming from the Internet, explaining the lyric “kill your idols” “Good Girls,” and worked with The Cure’s Robert Smith and director / musician John Carpenter.


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Mayberry also details their latest release, a cover of Lost Boy classic soundtrack “Hilak Little Sister” this feature of the film was recently released on Netflix Nightbooks.

Listen to this new episode on Kyle Meredith Uban by embed above, or view the full discussion via the YouTube player below. You can also catch CHVRCHES at touring throughout North America this fall There are tickets by Ticketmaster.

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