Circle Season 2 winner Deleesa Expects Child No. 2

Deleesa St. Agathe Won the popularity contest at the center of season 2 of the reality show on Netflix The Circle—And now, he still has something to celebrate!

Deleesa, who finds her way to gain the love of other rivals by playing as her husband Trevor, shared that she is pregnant with her second child on Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Instagram account. In the photo, Deleesa and Trevor – who are sporting a shirt that reads “Fight For Your Woman” – hold their daughter’s hand while smiling for the camera. The account captioned the photo, “We’ve already put the whole circle. Congratulations to Deleesa & Trevor on baby # 2 !!!”

Deleesa said The Everyday Beast that he knew he was waiting while The Circle—And thought it was “goodbye sex” with Trevor carrying her second pregnancy. “I have to leave for a while, and I have to, you know, try to get it one last hour before I get on the plane,” he joked.

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