CNCO Announces Joel Pimentel Has Left The Band

Earlier this year, CNCO released their third studio album, It has been seen, and opened part of their music in a talk to E! News in February.

“The inspiration for this project came during the pandemic,” Joel told E! News on time. “We had a lot of free time that I think almost everyone, in fact, started listening to old songs – at least, we did – and we had the crazy idea of ​​going back to these songs and giving them away. a new life. “

Richard added, “We’re glad they see the classics in our culture. They’re kind of, like, reintroducing the classics of the ’80s,’ 90s, things that were so important to our music culture. We’ve updated them and made it our flow, and we hope you’ll enjoy it. “

In April, the boy band spoke Intended for the teenager about their height of fame and what it’s like to grow up focused.

“We didn’t have a regular life in our youth,” Joel said in the publication. “We grew up traveling in different countries. Even our voices have also changed in the public eye. I think it’s very special that our poets were a part of our growth.”

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