Colorful Plastic Bottle Hanging in Windsock

Add some color and fun to your outdoor living area with this fun plastic bottle windsock! Made from an upcycled water or soda bottle, it’s perfect for adding color and charm to any space. The shape of the bottle adds durability in windy conditions, while the bright colors are sure to catch the eye. Hang it from a tree, deck, or porch with a simple ribbon or hook, and enjoy the fun movement of this attractive windsock.

face on the blue tip of the windsock

Plastic Bottle Windsock

We are the queens of recycling and upcycling, so this little idea of ​​using an empty water bottle to make a windsock is a natural addition to our to-do list. It adds a little color to any space and is a great project for kids to help you create. While it’s great for hanging outside on a tree, shrub, or porch railing, it’s super cute to hang anywhere inside as well as in a child’s bedroom.

If you like this idea, you might also like it cute plastic bottle floating turtle idea. It’s super cute and easy to add to a garden. Another fun plastic bottle idea includes this plastic bottle hedgehogor even holiday ideas like this plastic bottle penguin or even plastic bottle snowflake decorations.

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blue and pink windsock held in front of the blue woman

What Should I Use for “Socks”?

I use a simple 1 ″ ribbon, but you can be creative to use what is in your hand. I like to use matching colors, or like this, a rainbow of colors that are bright and beautiful in the air.

Other options include using thick yarn, rope, or ribbon. Things like tissue paper or crepe paper are great but are easy to crack so they can be best if used only as interior decoration. You may also like the look of the fabric strips you’ve torn or cut from old fabrics, t-shirts, or similar items you have on hand.

Whatever you choose to place it as a “sock”, make sure the ribbon or hook you use to hang it firmly holds the weight of the ribbons or fabric used.

windsock hanging from the tree

What Can I Use to Make a Face on My Windsock?

I use googly eyes as a simple way to give my windsock a face. You can be creative and use other things to create a face. Below are some ideas that will work to create a face and some ideas you may like.

  • Markers, craft paint, or paint pen can be used to draw the face of the bottle.
  • Stickers, decals, or similar items can be used such as the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Use pipe cleaners, yarn, ribbon, yarn, or small pieces of felt to make the surface and parts.
  • Pom poms are great for making a windsock nose.
  • You can use the craft knife to cut the smile out of the bottle.

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Of course, you can also give your windsock personality with different animal themes. I like the idea of ​​using cardstock or similar to make ears and nose for an elephant. Another fun idea is to paint the bottle orange and use yarn or felt to make it look like a lion.

blue pink and yellow plastic bottle windsock against cream brick wall

What Should I Use to Hang a Windsock?

You will need to use a strong rope or ribbon to hang your plastic bottle windsock. I used a soldering iron to cut a small hole in the middle end of the bottle to insert the ribbon and tie it like a hook. You can do this, or secure a ribbon, string, rope, or even fishing line to the top to hang.

If you put ribbon or string through a hole in the top, you can also put tape or glue the inside of the bottle to make it more secure to make sure it doesn’t penetrate the hole in the top of the bottle. Another hanging option is to place a Command hook on the side of the bottle to hang or place it on the wall or railing.

Can It Be Hanged Inside?

Yes, these plastic bottle windsocks can be hung indoors. While it doesn’t have air to blow, it looks great hanging anywhere in the house. I love the idea of ​​it in the kid’s room. If you have a ceiling fan in a room, it can be hung from the ceiling nearby and still get the air to blow through it.

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blue top of windsock with yellow and pink ribbon base

Supplies are needed

plastic spray paint bottle and ribbon on white table

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Windsock

Gather all of your making supplies, and make sure your plastic bottle is washed and clean, dry, and any labels have been removed. Then, halve the bottle and toss the top (lid) half of the bottle.

hand to cut an empty bottle in half

Use a hole punch to make a hole around the lower edge of the bottle at the open end. Add 8 to 10 holes around the edge, one for each ribbon you plan to hang.

hand using the hole punch in the plastic bottle

Now, in a well-ventilated area, spray the bottle with your chosen color of spray paint. Cover it well, then leave it to dry for 30 minutes or until it is no longer sticky.

plastic bottle sprayed with blue paint

While the paint on the bottle is dry, cut the ribbon lengths to use at the bottom. Make it between 12 “and 18” long, and alternate colors.

When the paint is dry, tie ribbon in each hole, change colors, and tie it to hold it in place.

pink and yellow ribbon tied to blue plastic bottle

If you have all the ribbon “socks” at the base of the bottle, create a face with googly eyes and any other face additions you like.

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hand placing googly eyes on the top half of the blue windsock bottle

Now, use a knife or soldering iron to pierce the middle end of the windsock.

soldering gun placed on top of blue plastic bottle

Cut another length of ribbon, thread, or rope and pull the hole at the top and tie it to create a hook or way to hang your windsock.

blue windsock placed on top of white table

You can now hang it on a tree, on the roof of the balcony, or railing.

plastic bottle windsock against cream brick wall

Easier Garden Decoration

This is a fun idea for hanging in your garden. If you like the idea of ​​windsocks or wind chimes, you will love some of our other garden decorating ideas. Below are some fun and easy ways to decorate your garden or balcony with something beautiful and fun to do. Make sure you bookmark these ideas, print tutorials, or pin them to your craft boards on Pinterest.

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colored windsock hanging from the tree

Make an attractive plastic bottle hanging windsock with upcycle items in just a few minutes! A great garden decoration!

Active Time
20 minutes

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30 minutes

Total Time
50 minutes


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This can be done using any size plastic bottle you choose.

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Completed Project Gallery

blue pink and yellow plastic bottle hangign on wood

Of course, you can use any color of paint and ribbons you like.

plastic bottle windsock hanging in woman's hand

I like the idea of ​​also adding a smile and nose to the face of the windsock.

windsock moving wood

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