Connecticut Public Library Announces Vinyl Compilation of Music Recorded in Its Studio

Westport, Connecticut is home to Westport Library, where Verso Studios is located. Now, they announced Verso Records: One Volume, which comes out on June 3. They claim it is the first album recorded, produced, and released in a public library. This is a collection of music by local musicians, including Problem Kids Today. Check out the tracklist below.

“I feel proud to live in a community that supports a library that, in turn, celebrates local up-and-coming and established musicians,” Chris Frantz of Talking Heads said in a statement. “Continuing its legacy of cultural innovation, The Westport Library became the first public library to ever record, produce and release a vinyl album, and it’s pretty cool!”

Verso Records: One Volume:

01 Daniprobly – Cowboy
02 Alexandra Burnet and the Stable Six – You’re Okay
03 Ports of Spain – Everything You Can Carry
04 Lulu Lewis – It’s All Pretend
05 Terri Lynn Hotchkiss – The Sea of ​​Salt Water
06 Flameproof Mascara – Immaculate and Deadpan
07 The Problem With Kids Today – Validation (No Vacation)
08 The Zambonis – The Gretzky Twist
09 MIGHTYMOONCHEW & Dooley-O – Jus Bcuz
10 Little Seas – Cutting Pain
11 John Collinge Jazz Quartet – I Could Write A Book
12 Sheneta Nicole – Love Languages

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