Connie Britton Weighs in on a White Lotus Season 3 Return

After packing the production of The White Lotus‘ second time in Sicily, creator Mike White It means he already has a destination for season three in mind.

“The first season is about money and the second season is about sex,” he said. “I think the third season, it’s probably a satirical, funny look at death, Eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it’s going to be a rich tapestry to do another phase. “

However, before the season two premiere, he is hypothesizing about something very different-which suggests that he had another idea for the second season, but ultimately decided to go in the Sicilian direction.

“I might do it down the road maybe, if they give us a third season, so I don’t know if I should say,” Mike said Fun every week September 29. “At first, it was more like a Bilderberg conference, more about getting into some of the bigger power dynamics there. But Sicily was a completely different vibe than the idea I was promoting.

For the record, the Bilderberg meeting, established in 1954, is an off-the-record gathering held annually to encourage political and social dialogue between the United States and Europe.

A bunch of influential politicians at a White Lotus resort? Could it be wrong?!

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