Cory Wharton Gives Update on 7-Month Daughter After Surgery

The 31-year-old—who is also the father of Ryder5, with Ex Cheyenne Floyd-noted that even though Glenn’s procedure was successful, Maya ended up with lower oxygen levels than expected during her recovery.

According to the Mayo Clinica procedure by Glenn, “involves removing the first shunt and connecting one of the major veins that return blood to the heart (the superior vena cava) to the pulmonary artery.”

“6 days after his Glenn he was back in the operating room for a Cath lab procedure to fix what they thought was the problem,” Cory continued. “It turns out there’s nothing to fix, which is good but it doesn’t fully explain the oxygen levels being so low.

Thanking the fans for their support, prayers and love, the Teen Mom The alum added, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that’s what this one did!”

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