Countertop Potato Bin

Why Store a Countertop Product?

If you have more countertop space in your kitchen, keeping products in plain sight has its benefits-

  • It’s easy to keep track of stock and know when to buy more products
  • Easy to install products
  • The healthy product remains useful – my kids ate three times as many apples a day since the apples appeared
  • The convenience of the countertop makes it easy to add lots of vegetables to meals – no more digging and garlic in the pantry
  • Saves space in the refrigerator and pantry
  • Easy to clean and remove damaged products
  • Adds a beautiful element to the kitchen decor

Why Make This Potato Bin?

  • Only about $ 20 per wood
  • Size wise to hold 10 pounds of product per section
  • The foot design is easy to move and clean underneath
  • Solid wood is safer to eat – great for storing raw product
  • Can be finished to fit your kitchen
  • Stackable for extra storage
  • Easily adjust the height to fit your space
  • Nice look at the farmhouse – for the farm to table element
  • Our free step by step plans make it easy!

stackable potato bin

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