Courteney Cox Spills the Tea on Prince Harry’s Alleged Mushroom Making

The one where Prince Harry have an unforgettable trip to (or supposedly, to) Courteney Coxthis house

the Friends The actress recently detailed more about the Duke of Sussex’s 2016 visit to her LA home — and addressed a claim in her memoir, Asidethat he found mushroom chocolates in his fridge during the party.

“He stayed here for a few days—maybe two or three. He was a very nice person,” Courteney said. different in an article published on February 27. “I haven’t read the book yet. I want to hear it, because I heard it’s very entertaining. But yes, it came back to me about it. mushrooms! I never passed them .”

So, who is give them? on AsideHarry didn’t give many details, except that the drugs had been prepared.

“While the [refrigerator] open the door we see a big box of black diamond mushroom chocolates,” he wrote. “Someone behind me said it was for everyone. ‘Help yourselves, boys.'”

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