Crater Disney Plus Release Date and Time

The exciting upcoming sci-fi movie Crater finally premiering on Disney Plus. Here when to watch the expected protagonist story Baby Cudi.

When to watch and stream Crater on Disney Plus

Disney Plus will air Crater at 3 am ET/12 am PT on Friday, May 12.

Kyle Patrick Alvarez (Uli) directed the film from a script written by John Griffin. In short, which follows a story of a group of friends who live in a colony on the moon.

“The film follows the story of Caleb Channing (Russell-Bailey), who grew up in a mining colony on the moon and is about to be permanently relocated to an idyllic distant planet after the death of his father (Mescudi),” it reads. the synopsis. But before leaving, to fulfill his father’s last wish, he and his three best friends, Dylan (Barratt), Borney (Hong) and Marcus (Boyce), and a new -arrived from Earth, Addison (Grace), hijacks a rover for one last adventure on a journey to explore a mysterious hole.”

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Crater cast

The complete Crater cast sees:

  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey said Caleb Channing
  • Scott Mescudi – aka Kid Cudi – as Caleb’s father
  • McKenna Grace said Addison
  • Billy Barratt as Dylan
  • Orson Hong as Borney
  • Thomas Boyce as Marcus

The cast features many up-and-coming actors, including Russell-Bailey as the story’s protagonist. Grace, a Disney XD alum, is an all-around artist who has made a name for herself as an actress and as a singer. His credits include Gifted, Young Sheldon, and The Handmaid’s Tale, where she received an Emmy nomination as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. Grace also portrayed Phoebe Spengler in 2021’s Ghostbusters: After Lifea role he will return to in the upcoming sequel which is still in production.

Crater is made of Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen through their 21 Laps Entertainment banner. The executive producers are Emily Morris, John G. Scotti, Rpin Suwannath, Gordon Gray, Paris Latsis, and Terry Douglas.

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