Creed Anime Series & More Rocky Spin-offs in Development

After the great success of the recently released Creed IIIadditional spin-offs based on both of the creed franchise and the stone The franchise is in development, according to a report from The deadline.

The new report says that a creed The universe may be in the works at Amazon, which includes film and TV projects. The outlet says things are still in the early stages, but that filmmaker and star Michael B. Jordan are having meetings about various creed-projects related to the whole of last year, with plans for the universe that is growing following the success of Creed III.

While not set in stone, Deadline reports that an anime series is connected to stone A spin-off is in the works, with an accompanying live-action TV series possibly happening as well. Finally, a project centered around Adonis Creed’s daughter, Amara (played by deaf actress Mila-Davis Kent) is also in the works. With Jordan being an anime fan, and Kent being a strong part of Creed IIIthese two projects in particular could have a lot of buzz.

Outside of creed-centric films, a Drago The spin-off film was reported to be in the works last year and will focus on the character of Ivan Drago and his son Viktor Drago, appearing in both. Creed II and Creed III.

The film, just titled Drago for now, write Robert Lawton. He was given the job after impressing MGM with his spec script Become Rockya script that focuses on creating the original stone film. Become Rocky never ended up being made, but MGM brought Lawton to the stone world of writing Drago.

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