Crumb’s New Album Ice Melt by Stream

Likes of the cult psych rocker Crumb recently released The Ice melted, their second album and the follow-up to their 2019 debut Jinx. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

The Ice melted consists of 10 tracks in total and includes three Crumb singles released earlier this year: the jazz funk “Tropeyo”, the moody “BNR”, and a fast track called “Loboon”. As they show off the songs, this new album sees Crumb exploring new elements in their style while staying true to the psych-rock atmosphere they have. established a name around.

Crumb wrote The Ice melted for the past two years and recorded it in Los Angeles with producer Jonathan Rado. In a statement, lead singer Lila Ramani described the album as a “return to earth” and an emotional exploration of “the real components and creatures that inhabit the planet.

Physical copy of The Ice melted now sold by the band website, including vinyl presses in limited edition colors such as gold, turquoise, and pink. Check out the dark artwork on Abraham El Makawy’s album and the complete tracklist after the jump.

The Ice melted Artwork:

Ice Melt by Crumb album artwork cover art

The Ice melted Tracklist:
01. High and Descent
02. BNR
03. Seeds
04. LA
05. No more
06. Retreat!
07. Trophy
08. Wolf
09. Tunnel (all you have)
10. Melted in Ice

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