CSI: Vegas Cutting Gil/Sara Kiss Is A Mistake

A CSI: Vegas promo promises a unique kiss from series boyfriend Sara and Gil Grissom, which angered fans when the episode lost momentum.

After years of waiting for viewers to see any closeness between Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, CSI: Vegas promised a sweet moment between the duo in an episode promo and failed to deliver on it. Despite its characters having some sweet chemistry, it’s fair to say that very few viewers go to CSI franchise in search of the romantic look. For the most part, the long -running series (and the many location -based spinoffs) are loved by fans for providing intense whodunit mysteries.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, the relationship between Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom is one of the sweeter elements of most. CSI sequentially. Start on the way back CSI season 6 (although the subject of fan speculation earlier), the turbulent history of Gil and Sara’s relationship can provide The Conners‘Ben and Darlene a run for their money. Over the years, the couple dated, engaged, separated, separated, and eventually married.


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However, despite their on and off relationship central to the overall story CSI as a series, the show rarely focuses on romantic or intimate moments between the duo. Gil gets more romantic screen time with his former fling Lady Heather than Sara-so, understandably, many long-time viewers are excited to see Sara and Gil kiss together in a promo for CSI: Vegas“Tall Pig” (episode 4, season 1). The unique moment of intimacy between the duo was overjoyed after being seen in the episode’s promo, but the kiss disappeared from “Long Pig” when the outing aired. while misleading trailer editing not a problem unique to the franchise method, this time leaving many CSI the viewers were amused.

CSI: Vegas Showrunner Jason Tracey justifies the cut by saying the latter will make a more meaningful payout, but the issue that is for the most part is small. CSI: Vegas deleting the scene etc. with the option to continue the promo moment. The end of the series offers a dramatic reunion for Gil and Sara, who make the decision to cut the previous kiss more understandable, as their return to each other could be even more affected without the rare close moment that occurred some stage before. However, what annoyed some viewers was the promo that promised a scene that was never delivered, an issue CSI and many long -standing franchises are usually included.

At one time the trailers were inspected and estimated (with 2022 nga Yelling reboot doesn’t even release a promo up to four months before release to avoid spoilers), disappointing for a show of such magnitude CSI: Vegas to ridicule a moment not in the stage being promoted. The practice of attracting viewers with the promise of a dramatic scene that will never happen is a cheap tactic that a series as large as a CSI The spinoff doesn’t have to be involved, making Sara and Gil’s missing kiss a big mistake. While the CSI: Vegas The end of the series still delights many fans, the show’s promos have proven misleading and disappointing for many loyal viewers.

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