CSI: Vegas Is Not Your Parent’s CSI

Gil and Sara can be returned to the crime lab, but not how they left it.

In an exclusive chat on E! News, it’s been a long time CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Jorja Fox He talked about the return of the iconic crime scene and scoffed at what had changed because his character was the ultimate solution to Sin City’s crimes. As Fox said, this iteration of the CBS drama, now named CSI: Vegas, it’s own show.

“I don’t think much is the same,” Fox, who stars CSI on-and-off between 2000 and the show ended in 2015, he explained. “It’s a new day, and we’re in new times. I think the show can be a reflection of what’s happening now.”

While Fox and fellow star William Petersen Releasing their duties to the investigators for the next series, the 53-year-old actress pointed out that the couple is “even a little different, because they’ve traveled around the world for the past five years.”

This means there will be a transfer for Gil and Sara, who will be returning to Las Vegas such as claims of criminal malfeasance threatens to overthrow the entire crime lab and the impressive legacy.

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