Current PS Games For May 2021 Mao Nioh, Jump Force, & Streets Of Rage 4

The latest additions to the PlayStation Now library for the month of May are three serious, but very different, titles with a emphasis on combat.

Sony announced in May 2021’s PlayStation Now show lineup Nioh, Jumping Power and Streets of Anger 4. PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming subscription service that allows members to stream and play multiple libraries of games. New games are added to the service every month, with the library now comprised of more than 700 titles.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a huge success, and has already established itself as such the best -selling console of today’s generation. Since its launch in November 2020 the PS5 has sold more than 7.7 million units, far more than the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X / S. DualSense handlers were all highly praised from the outset. To further increase the value of the console, Sony recently announced that the popular messaging system Discord will be included with the PS5 in 2022. The partnership recently ended after similar negotiations between Discord and Microsoft failed earlier this year.

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The latest additions this month at PlayStation Now The system has already been revealed, and all three games are focused on intense combat. Nioh an action game, often compared to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls franchise, released in 2017 and developed by Team Ninja. The game takes place in a fictionalized Japanese version in the 1600s, combining Japanese history and mythology. Meanwhile, Jumping Power a 2019 crossover battle game that combines characters from different manga series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball and One piece. Battles are played between two players, each controlling a group of three characters. In the end, Streets of Anger 4 a title scrolling beat ’em up, created by Dotemu, which serves as the sequel to the original trilogy released in the mid-90s. The title, released last year, continues the classic gameplay of the series while in use a unique style of art. Jumping Power will be available until August 2, 2021, while Streets of Anger 4 available until November 1, 2o21. All three titles will be offered beginning May 4th.

PS Today May 2021

While PlayStation Now has a wide selection of games for players to experience, the service has received some criticism recently. All three titles added to the service in April were locked in PlayStation 4 versions of games, even if current PlayStation 5 upgrades are available for each of them. This means that those accessing the PlayStation Now via the PS5 are forced to play last-gen versions of these titles, and will not be able to take full advantage of the power of the console.

PlayStation Now is an excellent service for avid gamers who want a wide selection of games to try and play. This month’s additions include popular titles such as Nioh, as well as many niche releases such as Jumping Power and Streets of Anger 4. With over 700 titles available through PlayStation Now, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

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