Dakota Johnson’s Drunk Escapades is Fifty Shades of Hilarious

Hair is a funny story for you: At parties, Dakota Johnson formerly, um, dropped extensions in the pockets of men’s jackets. Yes, you read that right.

During a chat with The Social Network co-star Andrew Garfield, the actress details some of her mane escapades from the time the film was released in 2010.

“It used to be, like, Mark Townsend, which is here and my hair, used to put pieces of hair in my hair, you know, to make it look full, “he recalls.” At parties, I might get a little drunk and then , like, take it out and put it in people’s pockets, like men’s jacket pockets because it’s so annoying and it’s, like, finding a place to put it. “

Understandably, Garfield, like us, has some questions — like why are men targeted? “It’s like, ‘Can you keep this for me? I’ll take it later,'” Johnson said of how deceitful his fellow partygoers are. “And then I’ll forget.”

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