Damar Hamlin’s Uncle Says NFL Star Is On Ventilator

New details on Damar Hamlinthe situation is revealed.

After the safety of the Buffalo Bills collapsed during Monday night’s NFL gameuncle of the athlete Dorrian Glenn shared information on his nephew’s hospitalization at UC Health.

“His heart gave out so they resuscitated him twice,” said Glenn CNN Jan. 3. “They resuscitated him in the field before they took him to the hospital and then resuscitated him a second time when they took him to the hospital.”

Glenn told the outlet that the goal was to get Hamlin, who was sedated on a ventilator, to breathe without assistance.

“He was sedated just to give him a better chance to continue doing well,” he shared. “We’re just day by day. He seems to be trending upwards in a positive way.”

Glenn noted that Hamlin was “turned over on his stomach” to help the blood flow to his lungs and to take pressure off the area.

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