Damian Wayne is a Manga Fan

In the first issue of Robin’s new solo comic series, DC revealed that Batman’s son Damian Wayne secretly relaxes by reading the manga for fun.

Minors are detrimental for Robin # 1 ahead!

The first issue recently in DC Robin solo comics reveal that Batmanson of Damian Wayne secretly a manga fan. The new series sees Damian leave the City of Gotham to embark on a new solo journey to discover the secrets of the League of Lazarus. Despite the heavy searching ahead of him, it turned out that the former Robin still had little time for a little reading.

Tough times for Damian Wayne. He recently lost one of his father’s numbers the death of Alfred Pennyworth and his new, more brutal approach to fighting crime that his fellow Teen Titans opposed him. To end it all, Damian distances himself from his father and rejects his title as Robin. Fleeing from his friends and family, Damian is completely lost on the grid.

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Robin # 1 by Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov provide some insight into where Damian is today, both literally and figuratively. After the fight a cage match to get information on the League of Lazarus, Damian quietly blew some steam not with a lot of practice or planning, but by reading some manga. It’s not a more violent manga either; the story Damian reads is about two young artists named Hana and Ren. In the manga excerpt that readers can see, Ren notices that Hana didn’t sketch before she painted. Ren explained that his parents always told him that he had to follow a plan for his art if he wanted to be a successful artist. Hana says she won’t let her teachers stop her art and Ren should ignore her parents ’advice and paint from her heart.

This manga quote holds some deep thematic meaning for Damian’s internal conflict is now immediate. Damian is similar to Ren in the sense that, throughout his life, his parenting figure has emphasized the importance of training and planning. Hana’s artistic freedom reflects Damian’s newfound desire to avoid his training in favor of following his own way. Still, the ant Robin contradicts. As he read, he said, “C’mon, Hana, you must have a plan…”Even if the idea of ​​manga freedom appealed to Damian, acting unplanned was a concept for aliens for him and contrary to the mentality that Batman instilled in him as Robin.

Aside from the meaningful importance of this manga for Damian’s character, it’s also nice to see an occasional chance for Damian to act like a normal child and read something for fun. It’s a clear reminder that despite his increasingly serious personality and impressive skill set, Damian was just a kid struggled to find his way in the world. Readers can expect to get the most out of these insights Damian Waynedangerous side when Robin # 2 released on May 25, 2021.

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