Dan Levy Happily Responds to Fan Who Claims His Dad Eugene Has Died

In a Schitt’s Creek The fan felt “very embarrassed” after tweeting the beloved actor Eugene Levyplaying the family patriarch Rose Johnny – has passed away.

The viewer wrote, “Eugene Levy is a gift. It’s so sad to see he’s no longer here.”

Twitter users immediately reacted to the post, with someone laughing, “@danjlevy You might want to sit down for it.”

Eugene’s son and fellow star, And Levy, quickly set the record straight on false claims, writing, “News to me.”

The social media user deleted the original tweet and directly apologized to Dan for the faux pas. “@danjlevy I’m sooo sorry! I think he passed last year,” the fan said WROTE. “Everything went fuzzy last year. I’m glad I knew he was good. I’m embarrassed.”

A second tweet continued, “I’m sorry everyone I seriously thought he passed. I’m glad I made a mistake. I’m sitting here watching super sad.” Dan has yet to respond to his note of apology.

One Twitter user thought the wrong tweet might have given Dan a “Minor heart attack,” prompting the original poster to say, “I’m shocked to feel” about the “honest mistake.”

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