Daniel Dae Kim Shares the Story of Hot Animated Dads in Response to His Great Character

Daniel Dae Kim, who portrays Benja in Raya and the Last Dragon, shared an NYT article about the growing wonder of hot animated fathers.

Daniel Dae Kim shares an exhilarating response to the love he got for his animated Raya and the Last Dragon kinaiya. The actor featured Raya’s father Chief Benja in the film which premiered on March 5 in the same cinema and was released as Premier Access on Disney +. In addition to Kim, the film is starring many other famous names, including Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, and Sandra Oh.

Raya and the Last Dragon, Disney’s latest animated effort, tells the story of a young woman from an ancient fantasy world who must find the last known dragon to save her people from future destruction. Set in a fantasy world that it would have represented Southeast Asia, the the voice cast for the film is predominantly Asian American. The film was praised for its famous animation, good voice acting, and messaging related to empowering women. However, the film is also praised for being a bit less technical. Daniel Dae Kim’s character Chief Benja, became a thirsty thing after many Raya fans took to social media to express their attraction to the chief of the tribe and persuade, protective father.

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While a fun immersion in the qualities that drive lust to animated dads, the article come to a more meaningful conclusion. Even if the aforementioned animated fathers are considered physically attractive, the article says that a large part of their beauty comes from their personalities and qualities like stand out fathers and boys. Not that the fathers were accustomed to Adonise; that they are, as the article says, “humble.” Buchanan interviewed Daniel Dae Kim for the article, who explained that a large part of Benja’s attractiveness can come from his qualities as a strong warrior, a watchful and helpful father, and a merciful leader. This is one thing, Kim points out, that society has so many needs today.

Even if some reactions to the article feel that other former hot animated dads deserve to be mentioned, like Mufasa from The Lion King, many responses generally agreed with the interesting article. If animation companies want to keep it going fashion of hot fathers past Raya & The Last Dragon, probably without complaints. Even if the father figures are just animations, they provide a comfort to the audience, regardless of the age of the viewer.

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