Daphne Oz Breaks Her Habit of Self-Care

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Do you prefer stress to cause damage to your skin? We can relate, and we can too Daphne Oz.

In addition to being an Emmy winning TV host, nutrition writer and host of Mama Utok’s podcast, Daphne is also co-owner of LOUM Beauty, an emerging beauty and wellness brand dedicated to the skin connection in mind. Just now, we caught up with Daphne to talk about all things LOUM Beauty, a personal favorite of ours, and how we can all achieve radiant skin through managed self-care routines.

“I’ve been approached by other skin care companies in the past to be part of their journeys, but for me, as a general product, it’s important not to be a part of something that I think there’s more noise in a crowded market, ”Daphne explained to E !. “What attracted me to LOUM was the brand’s foundation of 30 years of scientific research on how stress affects many of our major skin concerns-from fatigue and dryness, to breakouts. and age -free aging.My routine skincare should feel luxurious and practical, effective., and gentle.Above all: time for yourself well spent has helped me ‘trust my routine’ of multi -functional products, performance marks. ”

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