Daredevil’s 6 Great Wins In Marvel Comics

With the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil was one of the Marvel Comics characters best known for multiple punishments throughout his career. Much of the pain the Fearless Man endured came with the physical beatings he took from rogues like Wilson Fisk/Kingpin and Bullseye, however, he also faced the horrific loss of loved ones in life.

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But despite the scary life Matt Murdock faced, he still managed to get some real wins in the process. Daredevil’s unique skill has led him to decisive – and sometimes even partial – victories against the same supervillains. These moments vary from his acclaimed comic book stories and especially include the acclaimed Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev run, as well as the current Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto directing.


Defeated Bullseye At Bendis & Maleev Run

Divided image of Bullseye using cards as weapons and Daredevil brutally beating him in the street

Even if it depends on what circle of comics someone is talking to, many fans understandably believe that Kingpin of Crime himself is a member of the gallery of Daredevil’s top-tier rogues. However, the argument is easily made for Bullseye, as he is responsible for some of those worst things to happen to Daredevil in comics. The unhinged, psychopathic assassin and expert marksman kills Karen Page and Elektra Natchios, the first of which is the rare case of a permanent comic death.

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s recognized run on Daredevil, Bullseye isn’t a big focus but appears to be long enough for Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to firmly put the villain back in his place. Matt faces the turmoil of his leaked identity with organized crime erupting in the background. Bullseye tried to take advantage of the situation, resulting in Daredevil delivering the most brutal humiliation ever received.

Kingpin Beaten In Front Of His Bottom On The Run By Bendis & Maleev

Daredevil declares himself Kingpin after defeating Fisk in the comics

As fans expected, the intense and destructive crime-noir epic that is the Bendis and Maleev run puts more attention on Kingpin when it comes to antagonists. Matt is put in the wringer of the whole arc of the story, with the FBI legal trouble leaking Daredevil’s identity. Meanwhile, Kingpin faces his struggles with the power of organized crime in the underworld. But after Fisk recovers his lost land, of course he focuses his gaze to take advantage of Daredevil’s dangerous situation.

the The rivalry between Kingpin and Daredevil is more like a bloody fight, and the latter finally hits his boiling point in the face of the scourge he brings to Hell’s Kitchen. In an attempt to confront Fisk in a slugfest style, Daredevil beats him up in the most personal way he can. He beat Kingpin in New York brutally and in front of his subordinates. After tossing his ruined body for them to see, Daredevil reveals that he is the one running the city as the new Kingpin. It was a beatdown more embarrassing than Bullseye.

Winning The War For The Kitchen Of Hell On Zdarsky & Checchetto’s Run

Split image of Daredevil and Kingpin working together to win back Hell's Kitchen from the Stromwyn invasion

The present Marvel Comics run to Daredevil led by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto became further testament to the character’s status as one of the medium’s most consistently well -written superheroes. It starts with real stakes and an intimate level of introspection with Matt Murdock as a character, while still delivering some explosive climaxes. The earlier arches eventually led to the Stromwyn crime family leaving Hell’s Kitchen in a blackout that isolated the rest of the country.

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It’s an attempt to get a group of mercenaries – including Bullseye and Rhino – to level Hell’s Kitchen and effectively upgrade it. Matt had retired the Daredevil persona before this but made his victorious comeback with inspired citizens to reclaim the city. Fans saw a renewed Daredevil group team up with the citizens, Detective Cole, and even (temporarily) “Mayor Kingpin” to stop the widespread supervillains and eventually emerge as the winner.

Daredevil Gets Kingpin’s Payment In “Final Rites”

Split image of a troubled Kingpin with Daredevil coming in from behind, and Daredevil forgives him

The legendary writer Frank Miller begins Daredevil and eventually came to transform the superhero into the crime-noir character he is best known as. He goes on to write many memorable story arches, with Born Again when one of Daredevil’s best comics. Like most of Bendis and Maleev’s run, Born Again presented Matt Murdock at one of his lowest points in life but won satisfactorily in the end though.

The arc sequence Final Rites (written by several writers, including the downgraded Ann Nocenti) saw Daredevil break the Kingpin script. The hero continues to systematically disrupt Fisk’s life by destroying his status around the world as the main lord of crime, as well as stripping him of the material wealth that helped him maintain power. Final Rites a direct parallel to the leading arc, with the Fearless Man paying Fisk back twice for the great damage he did.

Matt Recovers His Life After Kingpin Destroys It In Miller’s “Born Again.”

Daredevil coming out of the flames on his return during Born Again

Even if Matt Murdock is in a traumatized and ill -fated Miller iconic Born Again arc, his aforementioned endurance was a worthy victory in and of himself before achieving Final Rites. After Karen Page desperately sold Daredevil’s identity to the mob, it was repeatedly sold until it reached Wilson Fisk himself. It gives the crime owner the keys to his bitter enemy’s life in misery, leading Kingpin to bomb Matt’s apartment and force him into poverty.

But with the help of his estranged mother Sister Maggie, he gradually strengthened himself, returned to his cloak as Daredevil, and helped Captain America destroy Kingpin’s public image as untouchable and credible criminal. However, perhaps the biggest win in this arc is Matt living a happy, peaceful life with a converted Karen while Fisk resents the same pit of hatred and paranoia that he put Matt on. Born Again which is one of Netflix’s biggest comic book influence Daredevil.

Matt Murdock Vs. New York State To Protect His Identity In Zdarsky’s Run

Split image of a sad Daredevil crouching under a gavel of cover art and Daredevil pleading guilty to murder in court

This is more of a solid win but one that nonetheless allows Daredevil to benefit to greater benefit. What sets the stage for Zdarsky’s run Daredevil is the titular superhero who accidentally kills a little thief because of his body being out of shape. When he discovered what he had done, it plunged Matt into guilt and anxiety. After the dust settles in a bombastic street war to save the Kitchen of Hell, Daredevil willingly turns himself over to the authorities to pay for his mistakes.

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In doing so, Matt, Foggy, and his ex-girlfriend Kirsten McDuffie successfully argued for Murdock to represent himself in court as Daredevil. This is also due to an earlier Supreme Court case involving Matt and Foggy that gave them leverage to qualify superhero identities as legal identities. This allowed justice to be done and Matt’s loved ones safe in life, however, the question of whether Daredevil fell with his sword was best for the better created a new problem later on.

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