Dark Secrets Trailer Sets Hasan Minhaj’s Return as Nygma

Spotify and Warner Bros. continued their collaboration with Batman-based audio series, while the two companies announced a new series starring Hasan Minhaj in a recurring role as The Riddler.

The series, titled The Riddler: Secrets of Darkness, will follow “an unexpected adventure from the perspective of one of Gotham City’s most cunning Super-Villains, Edward Nygma.” View the audio series Batman angrily teams up with the iconic villain as the pair try to take on a new “Super-Villain obsessed with cleaning the streets of Gotham from criminals,” including Batman and The Riddler.

See official The Riddler: Secrets of Darkness announcement trailer below:

Along with Minhaj, Spotify also confirmed more characters from their end Batman consecutively, Batman Is Not Buriedwill also return for Secrets of Darkness, including Batman, Barbara Gordon, and Alfred. It’s currently unclear if the voice actors behind the roles will return, however.

The Riddler: Secrets of Darkness from a creative team led by filmmaker and writer David S. Goyer and is slated for release later this year. The series will mark the third collaboration between Spotify and Warner Bros., including the 2022 series Batman Is Not Buriedas well as the seven-episode series Harley Quinn and The Joker: Sound Mind.

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