Dark Souls’ Tabletop RPG Could Fill the Universe of Souls

Steamforged Games, the tabletop game developers behind the official Dark Souls Board Game and Dark Souls Card Game, recently unveiled a new upcoming iconic adaptation of FromSoftware Dark Souls computer RPG trilogy called Dark Souls: The Roleplaying drama, which could further enhance the history of the games. It’s not yet clear whether Steamforged Games intends to create a combat-focused tabletop RPG with tactical rules for mimicking the challenges of high-risk battles or a more narrative RPG about the difficulties of being Undead. No matter which method they take, Steamforged Games, through their new RPG project, has a great opportunity to indulge in the obscure lore of Dark Souls universe – or give players the storytelling tools they need to create their own interesting lore.


Computer RPGs of the genre “Soulslike” – first announced by FromSoftware’s PlayStation exclusive action RPG Demon Souls, then codified in three games of Dark Souls trilogy – much owes much to the exploration game on tabletop RPGs like old -school Dungeons and Dragons, ang Fighting Fantasy Steve Jackson’s solo RPG books, dungeon-crawling Roguelike video game, and FromSoftware’s own King’s Field RPG series from the 1990s. The protagonists of these “Like a Soul” games are not heroic heroes who have no diligence to carve their way through hordes of enemies, but weak, mortal creatures who die in a horrible death at the hands of titanic bosses or swarming enemy hordes if they neglect or turn back on their own. to a corner. The gameplay for the most part Soul -like games inspire players to learn from every death their PC suffers, adapting their tactics and loading up on weapons, armor, spells, and equipment that can be used to overcome obstacles or make enemy strength their weakness.

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Each installment of Dark Souls series takes place in an apocalyptic age where the Curse of Darksign spreads among mankind like a plague, turning them into immortals while slowly eating away at their souls and minds; to curse this plague of un-death, players character to Dark Souls Games often have to travel through a series of lands full of traps and dangers, defeating powerful creatures, extinguishing their souls, and reliving the deaths of process. The story of Dark Souls Games are often revealed to players through object descriptions, mysterious dialogue from NPCs, and set-pieces in the game world, leaving many unanswered questions and uncertain about the future. tabletop RPG adaptation of Dark Souls maybe answer.

Dark Souls RPG Allows Players to Decide What the “Good End” is.

Dark Souls 3 End of the Rapture

The default end-goal most feel Undead’s Dark Souls The games are about finding a way to stop the curse of Darksign from turning themselves – and all of humanity – into mindless “Hollow” zombies. In the short term, the Undead are individuals of Dark Souls The universe can cling to their literal and metaphorical humanity by dedicating themselves to a meaningful purpose or great quest (a metaphor for the kinds of mentality needed to overcome challenging, difficult video games like on Dark Souls). Eventually, the Undead Curse can be overthrown for a time when a powerful Undead, full of power taken from the souls of powerful enemies, can ignite themselves to change the waking Time of Fire or extinguish the First flame to burn. began an Age of Darkness.

Those who associate with the gods of Dark Souls see “Connecting Fire” as a noble act of sacrifice that changes the world, while characters belonging to factions like the evil-sounding Darkwraiths or the Sable Church of London claim that an Age of Dark will liberate humanity from oppressing the Gods and allowing them to reach their true potential. . the Dark Souls Video games offer evidence to support both of these interpretations that never say what the “good ending” is; in this spirit, the future Game of Thrones Dark Souls perhaps better to provide Game Masters and players with storytelling tools to enable themselves to capture the “secret history” of Dark Souls – branching story paths, multiple entries of each other’s exclusive lore for iconic characters, and a set of awesome / rewarding potential fortunes for player characters whose choices begin in Age of Dark.

Dark Souls RPG Can Fill Invisible Kingdoms

Dark Souls Anor Londo 10 Year Anniversary

The most famous and beloved characters of Dark Souls franchise – Solar of Astora, Siegmeyer of Catarina, Orbeck of Vinheim, Lucatiel of Mirrah – always had the names of their kingdoms as part of their titles. Vinheim, for example, was famous for its academies of magicians and assassins, while the knights of Catarina were famous for their noisy temperaments and onion-shaped armor. Players will never be able to visit these fantasy kingdoms during Dark Souls games, often because their PCs were exiles banished to their homeland when they were contracted to the curse of Undeath.

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the Game of Thrones Dark Souls made by Steamforged will give FromSoftware fans a chance to experience stories and adventures within these confusing fantasy realms. They can be it as ordinary mortal people living in times of peace or the recently cursed Undead at a time when Darksign is widely spread across the earth. Whatever they want, there is potential for adventure.

The Dark Souls Roleplay Game May Reveal the Undead Curse

The burning tree in Dark Souls 3

Think about what it’s like to live the fantasy setting on Dark Souls at a time when the First Flame has disappeared. One day, a friend, family member, or loved one suddenly gets a strange mark on a part of their body and the ability to swallow the life force of their victim. If they suffer a mortal injury, they can renew themselves by the nearest flame, but with every death and debilitating failure they will suffer their physical appearance, memories, and thinking skills. There is no happy ending for this Undead individual; if they do not lose their sense of self and become a Hollow killer, they are instead sought out by groups of zealous clerics, thrown into one of the Dark Souls‘dungeons, ganged up by armies and forced to fight endless wars, or sent on quests to find a cure for their condition, never to be seen again. And it can happen to anyone.

Through it Game of Thrones Dark Souls, Steamforged Games has the opportunity to tell stories Dark Souls video games cannot. Stories based on the reality of a world cursed by a plague of Undeath and the chaos it will cause in families, villages, kingdoms, and cultures. By introducing the rules to account for how relationships, dreams, and memories on Undead PCs continue to deteriorate over time, a Dark Souls The tabletop RPG can really explore the pain, diversity, and social consequences of Undeath, while also highlighting the dignity, kindness, and warmth of the individuals who stood up from Bonfire once again and decided to do the same. something about it.

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