Dave Bautista Ready To Become World Champion Of Directors

Exclusive: Dave Bautista, who stars in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, has expressed his desire to level up to become a “world champion” director.

Dave Bautista opened up about his film ambitions, revealing that he was ready to become a director. Bautista stars in the upcoming zombie heist action film, Army of the Dead, from Zack Snyder. Army of the Dead released in select theaters and will be available to stream on Netflix on May 21st.

Bautista has been known for himself as a professional WWE fighter for nearly a decade starting in 2002. His history as a bodybuilder trained in mixed martial arts has brought him great success as a wrestler, broke records and became a six -time world champion. During his tenure in the WWE, Bautista began to add to his talents, who dared to act with first-rate titles such as Werner Herzog’s 2009 film, My Son, My Son, What Are You Doing? and RZA’s (Wu-Tang Clan) 2012 martial arts film, The Man with Iron Fists. After one last WWE fight that ended with an appearance on WrestleMania35 in 2019, Bautista officially retired from the struggle. She has spent the past few years primarily focusing on her acting career, which has become a household name, especially since she entered MCU in 2014. as Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

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However, in a recent interview with Screen Rant, Bautista opened up about graduating from acting in management. The former bodybuilder explained that his wrestling experience taught him how to be a diligent student of experts around him, having spent his entire acting career, actively learning from the very best in the business and becoming comfortable with the filming process. Now, Bautista finds himself directing good films and he has become “world champion. ”In addition, he points out that, contrary to what most people think, he doesn’t want to make big action epics, but more intimate drama films. Read what Bautista says below:

Dave Bautista: Yeah, perfectly. I feel that. Now in my career, I am confident that I can direct a film. I have goals, and I don’t want to do big epic movies. I like to make intriguing, exciting, and inspiring films. That’s always what I want to do. But now I am confident that I have learned enough, and that I know enough about the process.

Obviously, I don’t know every technical aspect. But I’m confident I can sit in a director’s chair now, and if I have a solid script and solid cast, I can make a movie. I just thought I was at the point where I knew from the very best; I sucked it up. I am a student.

And it’s the same with fighting. I know from the very best, and I pick their brains, and I take advantage of those guys in a way that a lot of people are lost. I want to know things; I want to know the process of professional wrestling and what an art it is. It’s the same thing in movies, and I’ve done the same. And I feel that, even now if given a chance, I can be a world champion.

Dave Bautista and Zack Snyder on the set of Army of the Dead

Meanwhile, Bautista continues to pursue his acting career with a variety of roles, including his beloved role as Drax at MCU, which is nearing its end. He announced that after the upcoming third season of the franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he has already suspended the character Drax. Vol. 3 Bautista’s sixth appearance as Drax, including the expected next installment of Thor, Thor: Love and Thunder. In addition, Bautista was recently fired Knives 2, the sequel to Rian Johnson’s critically acclaimed mystery film, Knives. on Knives 2, to be released on Netflix, Bautista will co-star alongside Daniel Craig, who hails his role as the brain detective, Benoit Blanc, and new cast Edward Norton.

Bautista’s ambitions are in line with most high -profile Hollywood artists who continue to manage their own projects. He shines in a variety of works from sci-fi such as Blade Runner 2049 in comedy as My Spy, which makes him a good candidate to direct many different films. As Bautista said to himself, he had a lot of success, first, being given a chance, and second, finding a good script and assembling a famous cast. But, if anyone can do it, Drax the Destroyer potential

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