Dave Chappelle Bought Land in Ohio Where He Helped Block Cheap Housing

Four months later Dave Chappelle helped block a cheap home improvement at his home based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the News in Yellow Springs reported that he had purchased 19 acres of that land.

Initially, Oberer Land Developers, Ltd. acquired 52 acres in Yellow Springs, home to Antioch College and a one-year population of 3,697. Oberer went to the Village Council with a request to rezone the land, so that instead of hosting most of the houses as a single family, it could now be a planned unit development (PUD). Under the PUD’s proposal, relatively inexpensive townhomes and duplexes could also be built, and Oberer would donate an acre to the village for affordable housing. This will add a total of 140 community homes.

Chappelle strongly opposed the PUD’s plan, saying in December, “I have invested millions of dollars in the town. If you continue with this thing, what I have invested will be useless.” He reiterated his willingness to leave. from Yellow Springs at a public meeting in February, telling the assembly, “I’m not cheating.”

The Village Council finally ruled against PUD rezoning, voting 2-2 with one member abstaining. At the time, Oberer still owned 52 acres and had the right to build a development on mostly single-family homes. Now, the YSN testified that Chappelle had purchased at least 19 of the acres, though his representatives declined to say how large the purchase would be or what he planned to do with it.

It’s unclear if Oberer intended to keep the remaining acres of it. A company spokesman said it was “considering market options,” and Village Manager Josué Salmerón noted at a meeting of the Yellow Springs Development Corporation in April, “There is no indication now that the [Oberer] the project continues. ”

Earlier this week, Chappelle declined the offer of his former high school to change the name of their theater in his honor. Many students objected to the dedication after his special transphobic Netflix, The Closer, and the comedian said he didn’t want to be distracted. Jarrod Carmichael recently called out his views on trans an rights “Strange hill to die.” This month too, Chappelle promised income from a performance in Buffalo, New York to helping the victims of the May 14 mass shooting.

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