Dave Grohl reads Ringo Starr’s Bedtime at the Octopus Garden: Watch

Dave Grohl is the BBC’s newest guest CBeebies, choose as her bedtime story the 2014 children’s book Kugita Garden by Ringo Starr.

Grohl begins by saying that his favorite books take him to places he wants to visit. He added, “I love this story because it was written by anyone who plays the drums – just like me!”

Kugita Garden based on Starr’s own song of the same name from Abbey Road, with illustrations by Ben Cort. Some of Cort’s bizarre drawings are flashed across the screen, or else the video is indistinguishable from Grohl reciting the lyrics to The Beatles song in a calm voice. Clearly he enjoyed the experience, pointed to himself and said,I want to want to be under the sea in the garden of an Octopus in the shade. ”Check out the bedtime story below.

Others CBeebies stories read by Tom Hardy and Josh Male, and last year Iggy Pop shares a bedtime story about his beloved dog Tromba.

As for Dave Grohl, he recently wrote his own collection of stories, Dave Grohl: The Storyteller – Tales In Life & Music. Earlier this week he offered a preview of a close show in New York City, and you can read our to review now His band Foo Fighters is also on tour, and tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

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