Dave Grohl’s Daughter Gets Her First Piano Lesson from Paul McCartney

Dave Grohl revealed nothing but Paul McCartney gave her daughter her very first piano lesson.

Agreed to Foo Fighters frontman, who is now highlighting his upcoming memoir The Speaker, the sweet moment that happened immediately after McCartney and his wife stopped by the Grohls ’house for an evening of pizza (!) and wine.

“He just can’t control himself,” Grohl said of the former Beatle. “So she sat down at the piano and started playing ‘Lady Madonna’… In my f ** king house! My mind was blown away, I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was like the craziest time in my whole circle. whole life. ”

At that point, the rocker recounted that his daughter Harper, who was then five, walked away with interest and interest in what McCartney was doing on the piano, even if he was given a dollar tip over the piano.

“He never got a lesson to play any instrument at that point and he sat down and looked at his hands,” Grohl continued. “They sat down together, and he showed him what should be played, and they wrote a song.”

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, the former Nirvana member knew Harper was playing the same song the next day that he was the only one from memory. See Grohl tell the story below.

The Speaker officially coming Oct. 5 (order your copy HERE). In the run up to its release, he shares many other good anecdotes, including how serious he is. considered GWAR participation back in the day; how he once flew redeye from Australia to the US so he could attend the father and daughter dance; and his recollection of Lemmy “Disgusting” apartment.

This week, Grohl will start at a short tour of the book to support The Speaker. You can buy tickets on NYC and DC dates HERE, and LA dates HERE.

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