David Bowie’s Catalog Sold to Warner Chappell Music for $ 250 Million

Warner Chappell Music acquired the rights to publish the music worldwide David Bowiesong catalog. WCM and the state of David Bowie announced the news earlier today (January 3). According to the report by different, the catalog was purchased for “over $ 250 million.” The deal has been in the works for several months, and includes songs from 26 of Bowie’s studio albums, his most recent posthumous release. theater, both Tin Machine LPs, and one-off singles from soundtracks and other projects. Bowie’s catalog spans six decades, and includes hundreds of legendary recordings such as “Changes,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Heroes,” “Space Oddity,” “Golden Years,” “Blackstar,” and more. . According to The New York Times, the collection includes more than 400 songs.

The acquisition follows WCM’s 2021 agreement with the Bowie estate and Warner Music Group, under which WCM licensed the worldwide rights to Bowie’s recording catalog beginning in 1968. WMG now hosts Bowie’s work as recording artist and songwriter.

“We are truly grateful that David Bowie’s music body is now in the competent hands of Warner Chappell Music Publishing,” Allen Grubman for David Bowie Estate and RZO said in press materials. “We’re sure they’ll love it and treat it with the highest level of dignity.”

WCM Co-Chair and CEO Guy Moot added:

All of us at Warner Chappell are so proud that the state of David Bowie has chosen us to be the custodians of one of the most groundbreaking, influential, and enduring catalogs in music history. These are not just amazing songs, but milestones that have changed the course of modern music forever. Bowie’s vision and creativity motivated him to push the envelope, with lyrics and music — writing songs that challenged convention, changed the conversation, and became part of the canon of global culture. His work comprises numerous pop hits and experimental adventures that have inspired millions of fans and countless innovators, not only in music, but in all of the arts, fashion, and media. We look forward to nurturing his unparalleled set of songs with love and care as we strive to build on the legacy of this most amazing man.

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