David Bowie’s Publishing Catalog Sold for $ 250 Million

David BowieLand sold the publishing rights to its entire catalog to Warner Chappell Music, the publishing arm of the Warner Music Group. different reported that months of negotiations ended on a deal estimated to be worth at least $ 250 million.

This deal includes all the beloved classics from Bowie’s nothing is equally cool lifetime, such as “Heroes,” “Space Oddity,” and “Life on Mars ?,” as well Dulaan, his idlas 2001 LP posthumously received it first commercial release in November last year.

as different Pointed out, this deal also means that almost all of Bowie’s music is now part of the Warner system. In September, Warner acquired the rights to the musician’s recordings from 1968 to 2016 – even including his last few albums originally released by Sony Music. Now that the company has regained Bowie’s publishing catalog, they manage the copyright to his compositions as well as recordings.

“These are not just unique songs, but milestones that are changing the course of modern music forever,” WCM chief executive Guy Moot said in the statement. “We look forward to nurturing his unparalleled set of songs with love and care as we strive to build on the legacy of this most amazing man.”

Bowie is the latest of a host of famous songwriters whose catalogs have sold for a small penny over the past two years. Bob Dylan sold the rights in his entire catalog in 2020, while Neil Young sold 50% of his in January. And just a few weeks later, Bruce Springsteen sold his entire catalog to Sony for a staggering $ 500 million.

Elsewhere in Bowie’s archival news, music documentary Brett Morgen is now working on a Bowie movie based on thousands of hours of invisible concert footage.

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