David Harbor Responds To Non -Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

Harbor featured the Wizard of Oz in a cryptic response to Stranger Things season 4 trailer, focusing on the importance of the Rainbow Room in the previous Eleven.

David Harbor’s fans were confused after his cryptic response on Instagram to Strange Things season 4 trailer. Strange Things first hit Netflix in 2016 and immediately became a hit for its respect for ’80s science fiction and horror. Fans are eagerly awaiting season 4, especially considering that it’s been almost 2 years since season 3 fell. Unfortunately, the pandemic has hampered progress in the most recent season, with the star Finn Wolfhard, who announced season 4 could be delayed until 2022. Despite the delay, the release of the Season 4 trailer on May 6 remains highly anticipated.

Season 4 trailer on Strange Things mostly focused on Eleven and Dr. Brenner, which left fans with more questions than answers. This appears to be a flashback to Eleven’s time at Hawkins National Laboratory where he was a test subject for Project MKUltra. The trailer reveals what Eleven’s “brothers” look like wearing signature hospital gowns and referring to Dr. Brenner’s “Dad,” confirming that Eleven and Eight (aka Kali) weren’t the only test subjects, and there were a lot of kids who weren’t there like them. However, eleven, separated from the others behind a heavy door marked with the name. The trailer ends with the questioning of Dr. Brenner, “Eleven, did you listen?

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You may be more confused than the trailer, Havenscryptic answer to it. Harbor, known for playing Hopper in the series, shared the trailer on Instagram along with the caption “Over the Rainbow” lyrics. To add to the confusion, the officer Strange Things The Instagram account commented on the three rainbow emojis. Immediately, fans started crowding the post with questions and asked Harbor to explain what he meant, but Harbor remained tight and no clues were revealed. Check out the Harbor post below:

An important part of Harbor’s post is the mention of rainbows. Fans remember from season 2, Eleven’s mother repeating “rainbow “ repeatedly learned about Rainbow Room-Eleven and Kali’s living room at Hawkins Lab. The Rainbow Room will appear again in the season 4 trailer. Fans will also remember that, surprisingly, Harbor’s post isn’t the first time season 4 has been featured on Wizard of Oz. the first notice for Strange Things Season 4 ends with the caption “We are no longer with Hawkins.

It is unlikely that fans will know what is meant behind Harbor’s post until the debut of season 4. With the pandemic throwing in a flurry of plans for season 4, producers and artists will have to look ways to keep fans interested. Harbor’s post contributes to the many holes in the fan theories that are already around Strange Things season 4. What is certain is that it confirms that the Rainbow Room will be an important part of the future season, which in turn shows a deep dive into Eleven’s history, details about his siblings, and perhaps a revelation of Dr.’s condition. Brenner and wherever. His post may also focus on Strange Things‘time travel theory, indicates that, as Wizard of Oz, the characters may find themselves in much different time and place than Hawkins. While season 4 may still be a way away, the actors and creators of the show have left a trail of bread hints and references for fans to follow. The remaining question is whether we will all know.

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