David Lynch Directs New Video for Donovan Song “I Am the Shaman”: Watch

David Lynch made a song by Donovan and directs the video, as BrooklynVegan notes It’s called “I’m the Shaman,” and you can see it below. The song is mixed with Lynch’s constant companion Dean Hurley. Consistent with the message from Donovan at the end of the video, the song is intended to raise money for education about Transcendental Meditation.

The new video was released today, May 10, to celebrate Donovan’s 75th birthday. In a statement, Donovan writes, “It’s not all done. I visited the studio and David said… ‘Sit on the mics with your guitar Don.’ ”Donovan continued,“ He asked me to just bring a song that had just come out, not anywhere near finished. We’ll see what happens. It happened! ”

“David and I were ‘Compadres’ on a creative path while traveling,” Donovan wrote. “And we brought TM Meditation into the world.”

Read Donovan’s part on Pitchfork that “The 200 Best Albums of the 1960s. ”

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