Dead Island 2 Showcase Reveals Zombie Abilities, Pre-Order Bonuses

After years of hibernation, Dambuster Studios has made an appearance Dead Island 2 more and more on the ramp its release on April 28, 2023. The zombie-killing RPG recently had its own showcase, revealing more gameplay as well as a suite of pre-order bonuses.

The trailer of the game is the best part and gives a tour of Los Angeles streets, beaches, and eccentric citizens. It then lists the weapons and weapons players can find around town before teasing zombie abilities that turn the protagonist into a zombified Hulk.

The showcase also featured a quick trailer for Amazon Game Control support, which allows users to control parts of the game using just their voice. For example, calling out a zombie will draw their attention and naming a type of weapon will turn one that fits the description. It’s only available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions, though. Announced Amazon Game Control support for Dead Island 2 in August with part of the whole.

And finally, Dambuster reveals what players will get for pre-ordering the RPG and how fans can get even more Dead Island 2 sale. Those who buy it early will receive the Banoi War Club and Banoi Baseball Bat weapons in the game. There is even a resin figurine of Amy, one of its playable characters, available separately on the Deep Silver website for €119.99. Dambuster also runs again at $99.99 Hell-One Edition that includes the season pass, an exclusive steelbook, a map of Venice Beach, a patch, two pins, six tarot cards, the Golden Weapons Pack, and the Pulp Weapons Pack, both of which have different weapon.

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