Dead Space Launch Trailer Tours Horror Remake, Detailed Side Quests

the Dead Space make again released on January 27, but that didn’t stop Motive Studio from launching its trailer a little early. This new footage cuts pieces from the entire game, including some slow shots of the final boss.

As has been the case with other trailers for the game, it gives players a glimpse of remade visuals and areas that may be familiar, but more detailed. This trailer in particular has a close-up of Isaac Clarke’s face (which is also his face of actor Gunner Wright).

Electronic Arts also posted an article to go game story and the writing process behind it. The team talked about how it added some elements to make it more consistent with the later media surrounding the series, removed some dated pieces, and molded some with the characters. For example, Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole and the evil Dr. Challus Mercer has more personality now. And Elizabeth Cross and Jacob Cross, the couple who preceded the audio log of the original (the latter destroyed before Isaac), now also has more screen time.

This is done to give them more depth so that players have a stronger connection with them. Some of these can be explored in new side quests, which will also show the ship “descending into chaos even more.” Senior Game Writer Jo Berry said that the bones for the narrative are mostly the same, but the context will be different in the remake and that the changes to the characters will come out of the story.

Berry was vague about some of these character changes, something that Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola backed up by saying there’s “always something new.”

“There’s always something different,” he said. “There’s always something going on – and there’s always a twist.”

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