Demi Burnett of Bachelor Nation Reality Steve “BS” Apology

She shared that her claim “made me the craziest” was because of how Steve changed the tone about her once he became most friendly to her.

“He was so mad at me, called me bad names, like annoying, he just did everything for himself, said the most important things about me since, I think, years ago, “he explained. “And after the second I gave him the time of day just to, like, make peace with him in my mind, have a… friendly relationship, so maybe he’ll stop talking about me, he’ll stop saying bad things. .

Demi felt that once she and Steve started talking privately, “she stopped saying I was annoying, she stopped saying I was too selfish, she stopped saying all these nasty, ugly things. things about me. And he didn’t say anything. “

What did he bring? “So, obviously, what I did worked. I was like, ‘I’ll be nice to him, so he doesn’t say bad things about me, he doesn’t bash me, he doesn’t tell me.’ And it worked.”

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