Demi Lovato’s Detail of Her Struggle with “Everyday” Eating Disorders

Demi Lovato just shared a special message about him healing of eating disorders.

On Wednesday, May 5, the “I Love Me” singer took to Instagram to share a Boomerang on a mug that read, “I am worth it,” next to a stylish heart, which is a symbol associated with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

“It’s the @neda symbol for foodborne illness. I painted it on @colormemine years ago,” Demi began the post. “Even if I suffer from my eating disorder, I still do it in the hope that I will believe this belief some day. I still struggle. Every day. There are periods of time where I forget the struggles of food etc. is all I can think about.Even.But that looks like ED recovery for some people and I still have hope that some day I won’t think about it anymore.Now I’m reminded of my right. that I deserve it, and now I believe it. “

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