Demon Slayer Has Never Looked Better Than Beautiful Fan Painting

In an absolutely stunning drawing made by a fan of the manga series, the terrifying world of Demon Slayer never looks more beautiful.

In a beautiful fan art painting by a comics and manga artist, the world of Demon Slayer nothing looks more beautiful. Demon Slayer known for his gritty style of demonic horror because the main characters are tasked with protecting the world from hellish villains. All the horror and bloodshed that was in the manga series was gone for a while with this beautiful piece of all new fan art.

Demon Slayer Follows the adventures of main protagonist Tanjiro Kamado as he learns to become a Demon Slayer with the Demon Slayer Corps. Their mission is to track down and extinguish any demons that enter the physical world. If not the Demon Slayer Corps, the world will be overrun by hellish beasts and ruin what beauty is left on Earth. The demonic threat that bothers those responsible for its suppression seems to have melted into a piece of fan art that emphasizes the beauty of a dark and horrible world.


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In a Tweet by Tamasaburo, the artist depicts Tanjiro Kamado standing amidst a lush garden of wisteria, a flowering plant native to some parts of Asia. Tanjiro seemed amazed at the beauty that surrounded him as his whole world slowly came to a halt as he stood amidst the natural phenomenon in front of him. While the works of art are a strange sight to behold, the artist goes a step further in their post. Fans were given a brief look at the process behind the scenes make the piece of Demon Slayer fan art while the unfinished piece is placed on the artist’s table most of the wisteria is finished while Tanjiro is still working.

The use of wisteria in this piece of fan art is not only for the beauty of the plant, but because the flower also has the meaning of Demon Slayer story. Members of the Demon Slayer Corps use wisteria to fight demons because the flower is hated by demons and they do everything to avoid it.

The fact that no demon would dare to travel to a place filled with wisteria makes this fan art painting even more magical. Not just that Tanjiro surrounded by beauty, but he can also be completely calm and peaceful with the knowledge that in the garden of wisteria, he is completely safe from the horrors brought on by the demonic threat. From beautiful visuals to the safety represented by beauty, the world of Demon Slayer has never looked more beautiful than this stunning fan art painting.

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Source: Tamasaburo

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