Destroying the TikTok Couch Guy Controversy and What He Has to Say Now

TikTok at the time, but the controversy did not stop.

At least that must the lyrics considered all the buzz surrounding the man who is now dubbed on social media “Couch Guy.” The beginning of a short clip with an encounter between a lover who is surprised by his college lover now ignites a fairly in -depth analysis to dive into aspects of their relationship.

To capture it all: The start of the social media drama with TikTok user @laurenzarras posting a video on Sept. 21 about the surprise of her college lover, captioned in the clip, “No ‘ and Robbie’s idea. ” on video, Lauren was seen walking (carrying a backpack and suitcase) to an apartment with two pals to surprise his lover. Robbie, in his sudden appearance. Robbie, who was seen sitting on the couch with the three other women, appeared with a shocked expression, but then slowly stood up and embraced his lover.

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