Details of Phil Elverum Microphone Vinyl Box Set

completion mocking it of a interviews on Sonos Radio Time last fall, Phil Elverum announces a large, career-spanning Microphones box set. Perfect All, 1996–2021 will include all seven Microphones albums (on 10 LPs), 74 gigabytes of digital downloads, song stems, and 107 page booklets, all packaged “in a large slipcase with a silvery sash,” as put by Elverum in the trailer for the release. . See that below. Perfect All available for pre-order HERE. Sets will be shipped next month.

“Here you can buy everything from Microphones that are in one big box,” Elverum writes on his website. He also explained that the box set marks the end of the Microphones. “This is the end,” he wrote. To commemorate and commemorate 25 years of this intermittently-awake recording project, we created this piece. It’s a 10 pound, lift with your legs. ”

Perfect All a limited one-time run, and will never be forced again. Elverum says some of the albums within the set will never be pressed again (he didn’t say which records).

In addition to the vinyl reissue of each Microphones LP, the digital download portion will feature the complete discography, early cassette, unreleased outtakes, live recordings, and stems, all issued as hi-res audio. The 107 -page book features unseen photographs, notebook pages, works of art, and detailed notes.


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