Dexter Actor James Remar Confirms Season 9 Will Not Show Original Cast

James Remar, who plays Harry Morgan in Dexter, has confirmed that none of the original cast members have returned for season 9 of the hit series.

According to James Remar, Dexter Season 9 will not feature the show’s original cast. Despite his character dying before the events of season 1, Remar has had a recurring role in the series throughout its eight seasons. Remar plays Harry Morgan, Dexter’s stepfather who shows up in flashbacks and is used as part of Dexter’s internal monologue. Dexter follows Harry’s Code, a set of laws outlined by his father, which allows him to avoid murder and judge who should be killed.

Michael C. Hall’s Showtime show ended without giving satisfactory endings to any of the characters, resulting in what was considered one of the worst endings in television history. Dexter always ends with lists mentioning the most hated endings on TV, so it was a huge relief when Showtime announced that they were making Dexter season 9. Hall returns as the titular serial killer, with Jamie Chung playing a true-crime podcaster and Clancy Brown as the main villain named Kurt Caldwell. As of this writing, none of the original cast has been announced for season 9 outside of Hall.

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Confirming what many feared, Remar admitted that none of the original cast had returned. Dexter period 9. In response to ahmedlamotta on Instagram, Remar explained that he didn’t know what Showtime’s plan was for the resurrection and that he wasn’t involved. He also reiterated that the original cast wanted to return but was not contacted by Showtime. Remar’s full answer can be found below:

While focusing on Showtime fix mistakes made in Dexter season 8, the resurrection will not remove whatever happened in the end. This means that characters like Debra, who died last season at 8, will not return from the dead to finish their stories correctly. Jennifer Carpenter will not be able to return, but sadly none of the past cast members will be able to return if they want to do so. For example, it makes sense for Dexter to look for Hannah McKay and her son Harrison. However, those two were last seen in Argentina, and Dexter Season 9 was set in the high state of New York. Other characters who could benefit from the resurrection include Angel Batista and Joey Quinn, two fan favorites. If any of the characters return, Showtime will be in hiding until the premiere.

from Dexter Season 9 didn’t return to Miami, it’s reasonable not to see any of the original cast members. Perhaps Remar was unaware of Showtime’s plans because he was not involved in the resurrection and could base this claim on who of the star’s companions he has yet contacted. That being said, with Harry being an important character, if he doesn’t return, it’s possible that season 9 will never bring in any of the previous characters. Remar was clearly in the dark when it came to this Dexter season 9, but with the return of the show this fall, just a few hours before Showtime aired the limited series.

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