Dexter: New Blood Easter Egg Puts Ethan Twist

If the serial killer is preparing to kill, an Easter egg heralds a big event to come soon, as well as mocking the bigger beats of the story for the show.

Warning: The following are SPOILERS for Dexter: New Blood episode 3, “Smoke Signals.”

Books to be found at Dexter: New Blood, episode 3, “Smoke Signals” is the Easter eggs that put an Ethan twist. While the revival series made many references to the original Showtime hit, with books Unthinkable and Falling from Grace, Showrunner Clyde Phillips leaves a big indication of what’s to come Dexter: New Blood.

New Blood gradually reveals the experience of Lily (Kimmy Anne Dunn) being caught by an unknown serial killer, who hides her locked in a room with surveillance cameras. on Dexter: New Blood episode 3, viewers get a better look at the man who imprisoned her, as well as some of his personal effects before he shot Lily, which seems to be for sport. Sitting on serial killer table next to his computer with surveillance footage of it was a stack of four books. Both of these books were written by Clyde Phillips himself and the titles are clearly legible: Unthinkable and Falling From Grace.


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Clyde Phillips Unthinkable and Falling From Grace are two real books that are the first and fourth installments of her Jane Candiotti series, and their apparent presence in this scene is likely more than some easy product placement . The plot of Unthinkable following a homicide lieutenant, Jane Candiotti, after a horrific mass shooting that claimed the life of her nephew. On top, this Easter egg seems to be mocking a mass shooting for later in the series, which Harrison’s new friend Ethan is likely to cause. Episode 3 has Ethan out of meekness not a famous child to Harrison learned that he could be in more serious trouble. The teaser for Dexter: New Blood Episode 4 appears to prove that the show will continue to include the school shooting as well.

Dexter New Blood Clyde Phillips Books Unthinkable

The possibility of a deliberate connection between Clyde Phillips Unthinkable and the plot of Dexter: New Blood given weight to another story beat. In Phillips ’book, Jane Candiotti is pregnant with her first child and is ordered by her doctor to rest. Both Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) struggle as parents in different ways and the show has already established an important theme of heritage and what your children pass on. Dungan, Falling From Grace saw Jane Candiotti attracted to a relationship with a man who could be the prime suspect in the murder of his later wife, a potential indication of Dexter: New Blood future complexity between Angela and Dexter.

All of this suggests that the Easter egg in Clyde Phillips ’novels that is on the serial killer’s table could be a step towards providing the future plot of Dexter: New Blood. on Unthinkable, Jane Candiotti ends up enlisting the help of a dangerous ex-convict to help find the shooter and uncovers a connection to an older murder case in the process. Following other connections, that seems reasonable Dexter: New Blood echoes other aspects of the plot in a similar way to Dexter taking on the role of ex-convict in assisting police and a likely cold case to be brought to the process. It can also mean than show that ended with Dexter’s death, he can open a new leaf and just help the police get the killer.

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