Diplo Confirms Woman Making “Shameful” Sexual Claims of Immorality

He added, “To be clear, SA is not a minor when I have conversations or sex with her… This girl is none other than the scammer who forced me to meet her twice.”

“I had one night of consensual sex with her,” Diplo wrote. “Actually, I got to SA and I refused a few times but at one point decided to meet him.

He said the two exchanged texts for several months but the woman later “started worrying about me, it started a nightmare almost three years of her harassing and threatening my family and friends.”

He continued, “We started talking again and he flew to Las Vegas to go to one of my shows and said he had a group of friends who wanted to squeeze … He and his friend ended up at an after party and asked me to go to my room, we all ended up having sex that night. “

Diplo wrote that in April, he filed a civil lawsuit against SA for stalking, trespass and revenge pornography. In June, she filed her own lawsuit against him, alleging sexual battery, assault, harassment, increased emotional anxiety and fraud, and also accused her of following him before he was of age, had sex with him when he was an adult and never said anything. he has a sexually transmitted disease, TMZ reports

The musician wrote in his post that his lawsuit was “filled with lies to be substantiated by SA’s own texts and posts,” some of which he included in his Instagram post but what E! The news is not independently verifiable.

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