Disney+ Reverses Decision to Delist Movie, Delisting Still Finalized

After revealing which titles will be part of the future remove content from Disney+ At the end of this month, Disney reversed its decision to remove a particular movie that was originally on the list.

Which movie is not part of the upcoming removal of Disney +?

Following the backlash surrounding its planned removal, The deadline reports that Disney has said that the Howard documentary will remain on the service. The documentary chronicles the life of famous gay Disney lyricist Howard Ashman and his major role in creating some of the company’s most memorable songs of the 90s.

The timing of the planned removal was met with backlash, as was the live-action this month The Little Mermaid The remake features many of Ashman’s lyrics, while LGBTQ+ Pride Month is set to begin on June 1.

“The list of titles coming to Hulu and Disney+ next week is still being finalized,” a Disney representative told the outlet. This response suggests that some content may be added or removed from the list before things begin to be available from the streamer on May 26.

During the same call where the layoffs were first announced, the company announced that they would happen adding content to Hulu to Disney+ by the end of the year to create a “one app experience,” even in some regions where Hulu unavailable, Hulu’s programming is now available on Disney+ under the Star banner.

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