DIY Acorn Mouse Quick Fall Decoration

My favorite part about the fall season is all the DIY and crafts projects I can do. This DIY animal acorn craft is a fun way to create a beautiful decoration that falls on the theme from what can be found on the outside! Gather some acorns, get your glue gun and some googly eyes, and you’re good to go!

You can also try others DIY fall decoration projects to add to your home!

animals from acorn pin image to read how to make acorn animals

Mouse Made Of Acorns

If there were an infinite amount of acorns all over the earth to see fall, would you do them? Why do fun DIY projects in their course! There are many ways you can make acorns happy. DIY Glitter Acorns a very good start but making a decorative acorn mouse takes it to another level (not to mention they look cute).

If you enjoy walking in nature outdoors like I do, you are sure to come back with a large collection of acorns. Then it’s time to get out some craft supplies to get started! You can dress them up even a little bit to personalize them and make a lot of different ones to show off.

As cute as the animals are made from acorn, it’s easy too. You can finish this project in minutes! Plus, you probably already have all the necessities you need. Maybe you can do it blindfolded (almost).

Acice mice on the stump

Where Can I Find the Best Acorns to Use?

If gathering acorns, look for a large ol ’oak tree. If you don’t have it in your backyard, you can find it in a local park or other public areas where there are oak trees. Acorns fall to the ground in September and October so make sure you gather as much as you can find to have plenty for all sorts of arts, projects, and even gift ideas.

The shape and color of your acorn will vary although the same tree can drop everything differently on different acorns. Different acorn varieties will work for all different varieties of projects.

For your DIY mouse animals made from acorn, look for ones with tall shapes and light coloring. Those acorns will work best for this project. Acorns that are shorter, thicker, or darker in color are more difficult to make and can give different results in the end.

Acorn mouse sitting on green bud

Can I Personalize My Decorative Bean Mouse?

While I haven’t personalized my acorn mouse decorations, I’m sure you can. Be creative and see where you take it! Play with as many different colors, designs, and more as you can think of. Below are some ideas to get you started.

  • use craft paint and paint each mouse a different color
  • Add small details with a good mark on the tip or pen
  • Sprinkle it with glossy paint
  • Paint or color the ears and add details

Hand holding acorn mouse by yellow flower

How Do I Display My Rich Acorns?

A great use for mouse animal decorations is to display them inside your home for a little autumn feel. I like to use them as nicknack pieces to display on a tablecloth. They also look great next to pinecone or wood piece projects to create a quick feel to your home.

While great for the interior, they can also be placed outside in your garden. Place it on an old tree trunk, on any flowers in your garden, or just on top of some soil or dirt. Other creatures love to pass by and see these animal acorns. You can even add them to your fairy garden along with the fun fairy garden accessories.

You can also get extra tricks and see what other animals you can make from acorns and show them at the same time.

Acice mice on wooden clies in pine cones

Required Ingredients

How to Make Animals from Acorns

Start by placing two acorn shells next to each other as you can see below. Make sure the inside of the shell is sitting on the table and after gluing the pieces with hot glue, make sure to apply pressure so that they stick together. These will serve as the feet of your acorn mouse animal.

The mouse's feet are glued to the animal

Next, glue one piece of acorn upright between the pieces of the shell to serve as a body. Afterwards, glue the other acorns horizontally on top as shown below.

Stick the DIY animal mouse head made from acorn

Time for the ears! Glue one of the remaining acorn shells to the top of the head piece on the right side. Make sure the inside of the shell is facing outwards so that it is exactly like the ears.

Adding the right ear to a DIY animal decoration from acorns

Afterwards, glue the last remaining acorn shell to the left side and push each piece so that they touch.

Attached to the ears of a decorative mouse animal

Add some glue to the side of the head and put a googly eye where you added the glue, making sure to apply pressure to stick it together. Afterwards, add glue and another googly eye to the other side of your acorn mouse.

Add a googly eye to the acorn with a decorative mouse animal

Repeat these steps for each of your remaining mouse animals. You’re done!

Decorative mouse animals displayed on a table

Many Fall Projects

Making decorative decorations and projects is a great way to welcome the new season before the holiday season arrives. Bring the invigorating feeling of being outdoors and making your home more comfortable! Below are some of my favorite fall projects that I know will make you as happy as I want you to be.

Printable Step by Step Photo Instruction:

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DIY Acorn Mouse

Get some acorns from your backyard and make them a beautiful and fun animal decoration to display in your home or garden.

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated cost
$ 5


  • Googly eyes
  • 2 acorns per animal

  • 2 acorn shells per animal


Customize your animals with craft paint or good tip marks.

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Project Gallery completed

Cute acorn animals can be added outside your garden to entertain other creatures.

The hand holding the acorn mouse in front of the sunflower

Add it next to pinecone or wood slices for a rustic feel inside your home.

4 acice mouse in cobblestone

Group them to create a “family” of mouse animals.

Four acorn rats on the white counter

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