DIY Paper Christmas Lantern Ornament

Looking for a fun and easy Christmas craft? The paper Christmas lantern is an inexpensive, easy to make decoration that will add a festive touch to your home. It is also good for children as it can be done with little adult supervision. This is the perfect project for those who want to get into the holiday spirit but don’t have a lot of time or money! Make one now and enjoy it all the time!

small red paper lantern hanging on a Christmas tree

Role of the Christmas Lantern

When it comes to making Christmas decorations, you will want to include this paper Christmas lantern. I made this lantern in a small decorative shape, but you can make it bigger for a decoration on your shelf or smaller if you want to place it around a small house or for decorating the village on the train.

Kids can make these lanterns and give them to friends and family to enjoy. If you have a child who likes to play with figurines, these lanterns can be used as part of their pretend play because their figures are unfolded in their own “village” or toy.

If you want more ideas for kids, the paper straw mini Christmas tree decoration is a perfect addition to your tree that is also fun to make. it paper Christmas tree decorations also good for them to gather and look rustic and unique.

mini paper lantern in front of wooden house with fake snow

What is the Best Paper to Use for This?

You can use any kind of strong paper. I like to use things like cardstock, foam paper, or poster board. Another idea is to use the cardboard you have painted so that it has a decorative look to it.

Hardened felt paper is another option. It feels like a combination of thick cardstock with a decorative or shiny feel on the other side. Any type of paper can be used as long as it is stiff to hold the shape while being lifted so that the wall does not fall.

Of course, if you don’t think it’s too small, you can do it using scrapbook paper or construction paper as well. It doesn’t look as nice and formal.

red glitter paper lantern on Christmas tree table

What Candle Can I Use?

Candle light makes this paper Christmas lantern. Figuratively and literally. But since it’s made from paper, you want to make sure you’re only using LED candle lights. These lights are like candles but run on batteries. They are touch-safe, paper-safe, and not hot. Since it doesn’t have a base on it, you’ll need to place the lantern on top of one of these candles if you want to use it for the lighting option.

white shiplap with mini red lantern through fake red berries

What Do I Use to Make the “Raft”?

You want to use something for the “glass” that will shine the light. I would recommend something like plastic wrap or wax paper. Vellum, a scrapbooking paper, is also available in a pinch. It’s not as obvious as other ideas but it shines light in a diffused way.

You can even cut a piece out of a clear folder to use for this instead of wax paper. Whatever you use, it should usually be clear or visible if possible. Of course, you can leave it without any of the windows and make it open as if there were no windows even without.

hands holding a small red paper lantern

Can I Make It Bigger?

It’s easy to make this paper Christmas lantern bigger. You make each section bigger. They also sell larger led candles so you can have the light shine through the windows similar to the smaller version. You can use large lanterns around the house for decorations on a shelf or coat.

What Are Other Ways I Can Decorate This Lantern?

The easiest way to decorate this paper lantern is to replace the outer paper you are using. Whether you use red, blue, silver, or gold, it will create a unique look to every home you build. Of course, you can also add a variety of outdoor items. Below are some of the ideas I have for adding more lantern decoration.

  • Add fake snow or snowflake stickers on the outside of the lantern.
  • Put a snowman on the side, or even add a Santa Claus sticker on the roof.
  • Add extra ribbon or rope around the windows as “curtains”.

There are many simple ideas for decorating this lantern. Just use your imagination and make it a fun way to create unique and custom decorations for your tree.

mini paper lantern in front of greenery on red and white checked tablecloth

Supplies are needed

red glitter paper fake berries scissors and craft knife on white table

How to Make a Paper Christmas Lantern

On the back of the red foam paper, measure 5 blocks 3 ″ by 2. Cut it out and separate.

four rectangles of red glitter paper

In 4 of the blocks, use a ruler to draw a line diagonally across the back, in two ways, to divide it into 4 triangular spaces.

On each of the triangles behind these pieces, draw a small triangle.

Then use the craft knife to cut out small triangles and return them to the front of the foam paper. This will give you a “windowpane” look.

craft knife that cuts windows from red glitter paper

Measure and cut 4 triangles 2 ″ in width to fit over the windows.

four red glitter triangles on the white table

On a piece of plastic or wax paper, place the four windows and glue them in place. Then cut them to have a clear window.

hand lantern cut the wall from plastic sheet

Now, glue each of them together to form a box that is open at both ends with windows on all four sides.

hands clinging to the walls of the lantern

Glue the triangles on top of the box, angling each other to form a sharp roof.

hand holding glitter paper roof lantern

Cut and make a circle of yarn then stick it on top of the lantern.

Add the twine loop on top of the paper lantern

Stick small pieces of holiday greenery or berries around the roof of the lantern.

hand gluing berries on top of red paper lantern

Now you can hang it on your holiday tree!

woman in white sweater holding a red paper lantern

More Holiday Decoration Ideas

If you’re looking for more holiday decorating ideas, don’t look for the list below. Christmas is our favorite time of year and creating something fun and unique to hang on a tree or decorate a dress is a must. Make sure you bookmark these ideas, pin them to your holiday Pinterest board, or print out tutorials to use soon.

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hands holding a small red paper lantern

Make a classic paper Christmas lantern with just a few supplies to use as a decoration or just put on the dress as part of the holiday decoration!

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Make a larger version of it to sit in the coat as a light on dark winter nights.

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Completed Project Gallery

fake paper lantern on white table by fake berries

Add a colorful holiday ribbon on top for hanging instead of twine.

wooden bird house in fake snow by mini red lantern

I like the idea of ​​spraying fake snow around the base of the lantern for a more rustic look.

red paper lantern on red check tablecloth

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