DIY Upcycled Tin Can Windchime (Easy and Economical)

This tin windchime is the absolutely unique garden decoration! The one-of-a-kind decor is made using recycled cans, so you feel good about being eco-friendly. Vibrant colors and exhilarating tingling sounds can add a touch of whim to any space. Hang it in your garden or patio and enjoy the soothing sound of the wind chirping as it floats in the breeze.

pink blue yellow and white chimes hanging from the tree

Tin Can Windchime

I always hesitate to throw away any empty cans. Actually, if they don’t go to the recycling bin, they’re in my craft room. This is a great way to reuse old cans and make them something amazing for your garden, balcony, or any outdoor space. They can even be a fun gift for someone that can add joy to their life.

Here’s the easier one ideas for making wind chimes for you to check out. Or, you can make one upcycled CD windchime as another fun upcycled project. And another option for one rustic beaded windchime a great addition to your home or garden.

woman holding a colored windchime

What is the Use of Windchime?

The wind chime is a decoration hung outside. It consists of a series of pieces of metal or glass, or any kind of things you want to upcycle, like these cans, that will simultaneously chirp when they are blown into the wind.

Many say that windchimes are used to ward off evil spirits, but they are often just a fun decoration on a balcony or garden. They are pleasing to look at and also provide a variety of benefits. Not only does it help you relax, it suppresses unwanted noise, and yes, it even keeps pests away, even if it’s not evil spirits.

pink base for tin chime hanging on wood

What Should I Hang Tin Cans?

Making these cans of air chimes is easy because they have so many uses. If you hang the cans, you can use almost anything you have. You can use an embroidery hoop, a wreath form, or even a wire hanger that turns into a ring. The options are endless. Just use what you already have.

Since you are wrapping the ring with thread or ribbon, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Just make sure it is sturdy to keep the weight of the cans. You will also want to consider whether you will use yarn, ribbon, or yarn depending on how many cans and how heavy the cans you will be using.

tin windchime hanging in front of the white wall

Can I use cans as bird feeders?

If you want to use the cans as a bird feeder, you can easily use this design but modify it to make it work. You can have everything the same but you have to turn the cans over. If you do this, make sure there is an added hole in the drain. Just make sure it’s also small enough so that the bird’s seed doesn’t fall out and, so that rainwater doesn’t collect in the cans.

A dual purposed windchime? Sure, something I want to see hanging on my balcony or on a tree in my garden. We love to attract birds, and it’s a fun way to do that!

windchime with pink base hanging against cream brick

Where Can I Hang This Windchime?

This windchime is perfect for any outdoor space, but it can also be hung inside if you want. You can easily hang it from the balcony railing, balcony roof, or in your garden from a hook. In trees or tall trees, it looks great and is very beautiful.

If hanging indoors, it’s great on the door or open area, but can be hung from the ceiling if you like. It’s a fun and fun addition to your home, inside and out.

woman holding a colored windchime in front of white trees

Supplies are needed

several cans of spray paint cans and embroidery ring with thread on white table

How to Make Windchime From Cans

Start by removing the labels and glue from the cans. Clean it and let it dry, then spray the paint on each can in a different color and set it to dry. This usually takes 30-minutes

hand spray to turn pink

As you dry the paint on the cans start wrapping the embroidery ring with yarn. Start by gluing one end of the ring, then continue wrapping.

hand holding pink thread wrapped in embroidered ring

Cover the ring until it is completely covered, using glue if necessary every few inches to put it in place. Once covered, place it on the outside.

pink thread wrapped in embroidered ring glued

When all the cans are completely dry, it’s time to finish decorating them. Choose a different colored ribbon or washi tape for each can.

yellow ribbon in blue tin

Stick a length of ribbon around the top edge and bottom edge of each can. You can also paint on other details or even use stickers or beads if you like. Continue this until all the cans are decorated.

pink tin with blue polka dot ribbon

Use a nail and hammer to make a hole in the top of each can.

hammer and nail placed on top of the blue can

Then, tie the string to each can. Cut them to different lengths so that the cans hang separately from the ring. Push the thread into the hole in the can, then tie the inside, or stick it in place so it doesn’t get lost in the can.

sticking pink yarn on top of the can

When all the cans have a thread inside, start tying around the ring every few inches.

hand tying cans in pink wrapped embroidery loop

To hang the ring, cut a long piece of string or ribbon and tie it to three different “sides” of the ring. Connect them at the top and hang as desired. Now you can hang your wind chime on the balcony, in your garden, or even inside your home.

tin windchime hanging on brick wall

More Tin Can Making Ideas

The cans are so versatile! I really like to use them as a crafting base. Below are a few more of my favorite ideas that are great for organizing, decorating, or making that base turn into something new and unique. Get creative and upcycle cans for every season and holiday!

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tin wind chime hanging on wood

This upcycled tin windchime is a great idea! Used old cans as chimes with an embroidered hoop base!

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Decorate your cans with beads, stickers, or even painted designs that you want to add beauty to your garden!

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Completed Project Gallery

windchime hanging from brown hook in front of white wall

Decorate the cans whatever you like with paint, ribbon, washi tape, or add beads for sound.

tin windchime hanging on wood

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