Doctor Strange’s Forgotten Daughter Returns to Marvel’s Future

Sofia Strange, daughter of Doctor Strange and Clea, finally returned to Marvel after being introduced in a 2004 one-shot and later forgotten.

WARNING: Spoiler for Wastelanders: Doom #1 ahead!

The long -forgotten daughter of Clea and Doctor Strange finally reintroduced to Marvel Comics Universe on apocalyptic Old Logan spin off, Wastelanders: Destruction #1. While little is known Sofia’s strange or how the character can be further incorporated into Marvel lore, the comic makes it very clear that Sofia is definitely Doctor Strange’s daughter, and even more powerful in her own right.

This was first described by Sofia Strange in 2004 Epic Anthology as part of a planned re-launch of the “Epic Comics” lineup from Marvel, and created by Jason Henderson and Greg Scott. She debuted as a young woman, and mage, living in New Orleans with his nanny, Aunt Vesper. Sofia’s story of Epic Anthology Worried about his attempt to confront a ghost named The Whisperer while investigating the disappearance of a girl. Unfortunately the entire line of “Epic Comics” was canceled, and Epic Anthology was released as a one-shot, so Sofia’s story “Strange Magic,” which was intended to be made into an entire series, never materialized and Sofia hasn’t been seen in Marvel Comics since.


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In an interview with CBR Sofia’s co-creator Jason Henderson has officially confirmed that he was intended to be Stephen and Clea’s secret son, and explained his history, saying,

“Sofia Strange (as she was later named) is the daughter of Doctor Strange and his other-dimensional wife Clea– and in fact, in an early script, the story begins not in New Orleans but sa Dark Dimension, where Queen Clea, Dormammu’s forces shut down, sending young Sofia and her nanny Vesper to Earth. But Sofia must remain secretive, especially from Doctor Strange, unaware that she exists. For a variety of reasons, Clea doesn’t want Stephen Strange roaring back into the Dark Dimension and making things worse.

Well, finally, Marvel has made the decision to bring the little explored Sofia back to the Multiverse, with her appearing as a servant of the mighty Baron Mordo in Wastelanders: Destruction #1, written by Torunn Grønbekk with art by Julius Ohta. Wastelanders: Destruction is a continuation of popularity Old Logan universe – officially designated as Earth -21923 – and follows Doctor Doom as the tyrannical leader of the apocalyptic Wastelands following the power vacuum created by Wolverine that killed President Red Skull.

When Doom arrives in a deserted village, somehow kept alive by magic, he immediately goes to an abandoned-looking Sanctum Santorum where he is welcomed by Sofia. Sofia is clearly controlled by magic, but Doom accompanies her requests for a magic test, and she eventually enters Santorum. While Doom seems to think he’s about to meet Doctor Strange, it turns out that the town is actually controlled by a Baron Mordo run by Dark Dimension. After Mordo is defeated, Doctor Doom asks Sofia why she went to the village to which she replies, I came here in search of my father. He hasn’t been seen in decades …If Sanctum Santorum isn’t enough to prove that Sofia is Strange’s daughter, Doom clearly calls her “Sofia Strange,” proving her parenthood.

There are many potential theories as to how Sofia Strange ended up in Mordo’s town on Earth-21923, perhaps in this universe Sofia has always been around and a part of Doctor Strange’s life, but the real question is: Introduce do you know Sofia in the main Earth-616 universe? Henderson stated that, “I think he was still alive there, probably practicing magic after Hurricane Katrina,” so there was a time when Sofia was still in Louisiana, hiding from the Dread Dormammu. With his mother Clea recently rising to the title of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, the multiverse that played a major role in Marvel’s latest era, and Stephen’s Strange Academy visiting different timelines, there are many ways Marvel can re-introduce Sofia to continue the mainstream comics. Be sure to check Wastelanders: Destruction #1 to read the full reintroduction of Sofia’s strange, the missing daughter of Clea and doctor Strange.

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