Does Cassidy deserve Paulion in The Bachelor? Botar Karon!

Cassidy Timbrooks already evicted from the Bachelor mansion.

During the January 24 period of The Bachelor, leading man Clayton Echard faced the 26-year-old executive assistant over the claims he has a “friend with benefits” waiting for his return. it sitting is more complicated, because Clayton had already given Cassidy a rose after the group date last season.

At first, Cassidy denied she was romantic with anyone, saying, “I haven’t had any relationships since the summer of 2019.”

Of course, this is contrary to what Cassidy said to some women in the house, which Clayton mentioned to her. Stepping back a bit, Cassidy said she talked to a male friend before arriving at the mansion, adding, “I have no interest in continuing that relationship because I know it doesn’t even. where. “

While Cassidy admits she’s slept with this man a few times, she assures Clayton that she has eyes for him. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles resident, Clayton’s trust was shattered, resulting in him retrieving his rose and sending him the wrapper.

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